Outreach Spotlight: East Atlanta Kids Club at EAVFM

The East Atlanta Kids Club visited the market yesterday to go on a My Plate scavenger hunt. They learned about the fruits and vegetables that provide them with vitamins and nutrients, the protein that makes their muscles strong,… Read More

Recipe: Macerated Georgia Strawberries with Lemon Diplomat

Macerated Georgia Strawberries with Lemon Diplomat Recipe by Chef Matthew Ridgway of Gypsy Kitchen – Atlanta Demonstrated at Ponce City Farmers Market on April 25, 2017 / East Atlanta Village Farmers Market on May 18, 2017 Ingredients Macerated Strawberries 3 cups… Read More

Recipe: Chickpea Pancake with Farmer’s Cheese and Torn Herb Salad

Recipe by Matthew Ridgway of Gypsy Kitchen and Southern Gentleman Demonstrated at the Ponce City Farmers Market on May 24, 2016 Ingredients: Farmer’s cheese (Shanklish) 1/2 Cup feta cheese from Formaggio 1/2 Cup goat cheese or cream cheese from Formaggio 3 Tbsp. yogurt or labneh 1 Tbsp…. Read More

Announcing our Spring Chef Demos at Ponce City Market!

We are so thrilled to announce our spring chef demos at the Ponce City Farmers Market. All chef demos will begin at 6:00 PM. Hope to see you all there! 


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