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Vendor Growth Program

Community Farmers Markets and Food Well Alliance have again partnered to launch a Vendor Growth Program in 2017! This year-long program combines business development classes with mentoring services for small-scale farmers and food makers.

The Vendor Growth program couples monthly classes taught by subject matter experts with mentorship opportunities for program participants. Classes will include key capacity building subjects including tax preparation, marketing strategies, diversifying funding and inventory and record keeping, among other topics. The monthly classes are taped, providing attendees access to the important information after course completion. To complement the classroom learning, participants will have the opportunity to be paired with mentors, who will help them identify and navigate potential business challenges likely to arise in the next 12 months.

This strategic collaboration brings together Food Well Alliance’s mission to strengthen and grow Atlanta’s local food movement with Community Farmers Markets’ ability to provide technical capacity and skill-building to small-scale farmers and food makers. Both Community Farmers Markets and Food Well Alliance believe that productive and viable local food enterprises will not only have a positive impact on our city’s economy but will also build healthier, resilient communities.

CFM and Food Well Alliance are currently accepting applications for mentors and educators, please email for more information.


Vendor Growth Program

More info for CFM vendors can be found here.

  • FREE QuickBooks Training Videos
  • Video Presentations
  • CFM Symposium Materials
  • Mentorship Application
  • Spring
    March Vendor Orientation
    April POS tracking and Quickbooks Management
    May Employees- Hiring, Training, Retaining
    May Wholesaling Best Practices
    June Employees- HR and Taxes
    July Vendor Town Hall
    August Online Marketing Best Practices
    September Wholesaling & the Food Safety Modernization Act
    October Online Marketing Best Practices Pt. 2
    November POS Tracking & Quickbooks Management Pt. 2
    December TBD
    January ‘18 Tax Prep
    February ‘18 CFM Symposium

    *Information for vendors outside the CFM network about class attendance coming soon!

General Resources

+Acumen Courses for Business Development

Hundreds of FREE webinars to support professional development can be found here.

    Some recommendations of webinars to watch include…

  • The Lending Landscape: multiple small business financing options
  • Understanding your numbers and using the information in decision making
  • What you need to know about business plans
  • Maximize your social media with minimal time
  • Small business retirement plans: protect your money and your future
  • The top 10 benefits of social media marketing
  • Tips for getting your business financially fit
  • 11 technology rules for small business success
  • It’s not what you say but how you say it
  • Ask the CPA: Tax advice for small businesses
  • Marketing on a shoestring
  • Hug your haters: how to retain customers by embracing complaints

Value-Added Resources

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