We envision a future in which Atlanta will be home to a diverse, interconnected food system that promotes healthy food, sustainable ecosystems, and living wage working conditions. CFM is a leader in this system, leveraging the power of communities by providing resources, educational programs, and sustainable modes of food distribution for farmers, producers, chefs, and consumers.

Mission & Purpose

The mission of Community Farmers Markets is to develop a local food infrastructure for long term sustainability and meaningful community impact. Our purpose is to preserve, root, and grow a diverse local food culture by maintaining an authentic space for all people to share community, fair food, and healthy lifestyles while providing a sustainable living for producers who steward the earth.

Team Values

We value a positive team environment that is supportive, respectful, open-minded, and creative.
We value a strong, diverse, and connected community.
We believe that all people deserve access to good, fair food.
We value openness, honesty and transparency.
We value education and growth.


Community Farmers Markets was founded in 2011 by leaders in the local food movement in Atlanta, GA to meet the demand for more efficiently-managed, community-based, sustainable farmers markets. These stakeholders included farmers and local leaders who worked for a more vibrant local food system and who have special interest, talents, or resources to build a stronger local food movement.  CFM serves as an umbrella organization with community-level “Market Community Groups” (MCGs) for each market that maintain the identity and culture of each market. CFM is a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit organization.

CFM has a unique, three-tiered approach to food access through:

1) distribution of food (at markets)
2) education about the food through educational outreach programming
3) financial incentives to purchase the food through double SNAP and My Market programs.

CFM leverages strong partnerships with mission-critical partners in our communities and the city at large to carry out programs. CFM’s markets and models have had an extensive impact on the local food system in Atlanta. Our founding market, the East Atlanta Village Farmers Market, was the first market in the state to accept food stamps and the first to pilot the Wholesome Wave Georgia double food stamps program.  In 2015, CFM served over 160,000 shoppers and over 120 vendors at six weekly markets and provided over $80,000 in double SNAP to the Atlanta community.


Community Farmers Markets