Recipe: Squash and Tomato Salad

Recipe by Philip Meeker

Demonstrated at the East Atlanta Village Farmers Market on June 16, 2016

2016-06-16 Meeker Squash and Tomato Salad EAV3





  1. Slice squash into 1/4-inch thick rounds and char on both sides.
  2. Plate squash and salt until sweet.
  3. Cut tomatoes in 1/4-inch cubes.
  4. Mince young garlic.
  5. Slice leek bottoms off. Slice leek length wise keeping the halves from falling apart.
  6. Char the leeks and cut them widthwise into 1/8-inch slices.
  7. Mix garlic, tomatoes, and leeks together.
  8. Add salt and olive to taste until sweet. Be liberal when salting tomatoes.

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