A Peek Inside La Calavera Bakery

Every now and then, the CFM staff will get together and visit our vendors. A couple of weeks ago, we were lucky to visit La Calavera Bakery at their brick and mortar space in Decatur.

Run by husband and wife team Dale Ralston and Eric Arillo, La Calavera makes wonderful breads and Mexican pastries from organic flours and even mill some of their own flour from sprouted grains in house. They work around the clock to make both traditional and contemporary recipes, making a lot of out a small space, and it shows. Their products are consistently delicious, and their space is cozy and warm. We were so happy to visit, and recommend you do the same. And, they, of course, have an interesting story behind the bakery. They decided to open La Calavera after four years of living in Mexico together, where Eric was born and where his family is from. See below for our sneak peek into the bakery, and check out their Kickstarter campaign for more on their story, and how you can get involved with their outstanding operation.

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