Growing Golda Kombucha



{written by Alex Lampert, photos courtesy of Golda Kombucha}
Today we’re talking to Melanie Wade of Golda Kombucha. Melanie brews kombucha tea using her grandmother’s recipe, and as fellow granny’s girls (our words, not hers), we wanted to find out more. If you’ve brewed kombucha before, or are a connoisseur, then you know how hard it is to hone a balanced recipe every time. Golda does it well, with great flavors. We’re also excited to say that Golda is running a kickstarter campaign to expand their business. This step that they’re taking is not an easy one for any small business, but with the help of Atlantans who want to see them grow more (we sure do!), they’re hoping to get a little bit closer to their goal.

Golda Kombucha is named after your grandmother, right? How did she learn to make kombucha? 
Golda learned to make kombucha 20 years ago in her home in Virginia. She did extensive studies on the tea and sought out someone that was an expert brewer to learn. She purchased some of the first books ever written on Kombucha Tea, she let me borrow one of those books… I read it front to back several times over- making notes and highlighting health benefits… I’ve still yet to give it back!
When did you learn her kombucha recipe?
About 5 years ago, in 2010 she taught me her recipe and the way she creates her kombucha tea in her kitchen. I’ve been home brewing since then but recently started brewing commercially.
What made you want to turn this passion into a business?
I used to make hand-crafted jewelry, and I slowly began offering kombucha at my booths and people really liked it. So, I decided to go full-force into the kombucha business. Currently, I am the only commercial kombucha company in Atlanta.
What’s been your biggest challenge so far?
Biggest challenge has definitely been the shared kitchens. Fermentation and shared kitchens don’t mix. Luckily, I’m over that hurdle, and just got my own exclusive brewing and production facility.
What do you love most about the business and about selling at farmers markets?
I love being around people and outdoors. I love having all creative control over the brand. I love farmers markets because I get to talk to and get to know my customers. It gives me real insight as to what they like and I love personally being able to shake their hands and thank them for supporting my business. 
Come and meet Melanie at the East Atlanta Village, Decatur (Wednesdays & Saturdays) and Westside Farmers Markets. And, please consider giving to her brewery’s kickstarter campaign, running until August 2nd.



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