Outreach Spotlight: Seasonal Planting at Springdale Park

We had a great time planting a seasonal garden with the students at Springdale Park Elementary. We planted sugar snap peas, cauliflower, broccoli, chard, and varieties of kale – all seedlings from our partners at the Wylde Center. We can’t wait to taste all of our yummy crops!
2016-09-26-spark-082016-09-26-spark-262016-09-26-spark-322016-09-26-spark-272016-09-26-spark-28 2016-09-26-spark-152016-09-26-spark-17 2016-09-26-spark-302016-09-26-spark-342016-10-05-spark-842a84802016-10-05-spark-842a84652016-10-05-spark-842a84812016-10-05-spark-842a8483We also observed the honeybee hive and the other pollinators hard at work while reviving the pollinator garden.
2016-09-26-spark-202016-09-26-spark-232016-09-26-spark-312016-10-05-spark-842a84532016-09-26-spark-11 The fruit and berry garden is still growing and thriving – these are our growing muscadines.
2016-09-26-spark-13 We still have lots of our yummy edible weeds – this one is purslane. 2016-09-26-spark-14
We’re looking forward to seeing all of the Springdale Park students out at the Ponce City Farmers Market to taste other locally-grown seasonal crops, fruits and berries, and foraged goods.


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