10 Weeks of Local

It’s a beautiful Tuesday here in Atlanta and we are so excited to share our newest project with you all!


Here at CFM we believe a local farmers market can be a critical component to a strong, vibrant community. Local farmers markets can also provide the means to grow a sustainable local economy. In celebration of all things local CFM launched our “10 Reasons to Support Your Local Farmers Market” campaign this week, in conjunction with the kick-off of National Farmers Market Week.

For the next ten weeks we will be focusing on the following themes here and on our social media outlets:

  • Taste Real Food
  • Nourish Yourself and Your Family
  • Foster Urban Farming
  • Promote Food Justice for All
  • Reduce Your Carbon Footprint
  • Learn from Experts
  • Support Small, Sustainable Farms
  • Grow the Local Economy
  • Teach Children to be Stewards of the Earth
  • Build Community



And just in case you needed a few more reasons to support local markets, the Farmers Market Coalition has provided this wonderful infographic with some great data!


So, jump right in and join our conversation as we explore the wonderful world of local farmers markets in our communities and yours!

Love and Peaches,

The CFM Team

Story by Danielle San Filippo


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