CFM asks ourselves, “What is Good Food?”

We believe that good food is a right. We believe that good food leads to good health for your body and your community.

Give Broc

Good food means harvested within 24 hours.
Good food means you can count the food miles on your hands.
Good means the worker who picked your food earned a living wage.
Good food means no pesticides.
Good food means knowledge.
beans and artichockes
Ask questions. Know where your food comes from.
Know who grew it. Know how they grew it. Learn how you can grow it.
Know your neighbors. Know that 1 in 5 face hunger.
Know most of the food options available in food insecure neighborhoods we’re not harvested within 24 hours, let alone harvested.
freewheel farm
La Calavera
CFM brings markets into food insecure neighborhoods.
CFM doubles food assistance benefits at markets.
CFM brings outreach chefs do to education cooking demonstrations.
CFM builds community driven markets where 5 in 5 strengthen their neighborhood by using their purchasing power locally, improving their health and the health of their community.
Grant park
east atlanta
  EAV chicken
CFM believes in good food. We hope you do too.
Love and Peaches,
The CFM Team

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