Farm Workday: Jody’s Farm with Agnes Scott

On Saturday April 23rd, Environmental Residents from the Center for Sustainability accompanied Elizabeth Rowe, the Sustainability Fellow and Lois Swords, the caretaker of the Agnes Scott gardens, to a farm in Rutledge, Georgia to learn more about sustainable farm practices. We visited Jody’s farm, where the owner Jody was extremely welcoming to the students, and enthusiastic about showing us how she cares for her plants and animals. We were able to plant various vegetables such as eggplants and tomatoes, and learnt how to hoe the patches with many exciting tools. It was thrilling to discover the chickens and the roosters that were on the farm and watch them interact with each other, and we were allowed to hold them as well, which made me very happy afterwards. There was also a very exciting tractor ride where we were able to see the entire property, including various lakes and streams, and different kinds of flowers. Furthermore, we were given fresh vegetables by Jody, including asparagus and basil leaves to take home with us, creating the perfect ending to an incredibly enjoyable day.

Shriya Bhattacharya

Research Assistant, Department of Political Science
Class of 2018 Secretary
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