How to Eat Locally: Community Supported Agriculture

Community Supported Agriculture shares or CSAs are an excellent way to enjoy the bounty of fresh produce each season has to offer while supporting a local farm. CSAs offer mutual benefits to both farmer and customer. Farmers are able to gain revenue early in the season, when it is otherwise difficult to do so, and build closer relationships with their customers. Customers, in return, enjoy a consistent source of high quality, seasonal products, often for lower costs than market prices, and build closer relationships with their growers. Many of the farmers who sell at our markets offer CSA’s, and now is just the right time to start signing up! Please see our table below for a list of local CSA offerings.

How it works: Consumers purchase a share or membership from the producer and in return receive a box of seasonal produce and/or meat each week. Shares are typically purchased at the beginning of the season for the CSA, but some farms offer alternative payment methods.

Share sizes: CSAs can come in full or half / partial shares. Full shares are designed to feed 3 – 4 individuals. Half or partial shares are designed to feed 1 – 2 individuals.

Using SNAP / EBT: Some farmers partner with Wholesome Wave Georgia, a nonprofit that supports food access to low income individuals, to double the value of SNAP dollars used to purchase a CSA, which results in a half-price CSA.

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