Market Community Groups

Our Farmers Markets are supported by “Market Community Groups”. A Market Community Group is a cluster of people who care about and work to support the farmers market as a “town hall” style space and as a community institution.

Market Community Groups (MCGs) are an excellent way to get to know your neighbors, become more involved in your community, and help shape your favorite local farmers market! Being an MCG Member is a chance to delve into your local food community and build connections for you and the market. Not to mention, you get to share in good food and fun events!

Interested?  Read on!
If you are interested in joining a Market Community Group, fill out this form and we will be in touch!

What do you get?

  • Be an integral member of your local farmers market community
  • Special access to market events (and help organize them)
  • Network! Go to potlucks with your new friends and colleagues every other month
  • Be an ambassador for your market and CFM publicly and at other events

What do you do?
The MCGs bring neighborhood stakeholders’ points of view to the table and shape the direction and culture of neighborhood markets. The MCGs support market culture through community engagement, promotion, fundraising, and vendor support.

Build Community
MCGs help expand awareness and presence of the farmers market in the community. They do this by attending other community events, fairs, and special events. They organize exciting events to bring new people to market. They invite friends to meetings and events, and recruit new members to join the MCG.

Get to Know the Vendors
MCG Members regularly attend the market and make a point of getting to know vendors. These connections help you to support vendors through market events and planning, and to knowledgeably share about your market and all that it has to offer.

Attend and Participate
MCG members attend a potluck get-together every two months (minimum 75% attendance required to serve) and an annual full-day symposium in Jan/Feb. MCG members serve as ambassadors for the markets, regularly attending markets and community events (at least one event annually required) as well as assisting with market promotion to member’s various networks and neighborhoods.

Build Philanthropic Community Support
MCGs help to organize market and community events that bring more people to the market. MCGs are encouraged to secure partnerships and/or sponsorships from local businesses.

When and Where do I show up?
The MCG Meetings are potluck meetings at community members homes, every other month. Contact us to find out more.  


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