Outreach Spotlight: Stuffed Tomatoes with Seniors at DHA

Chef Liz taught the seniors at the Decatur Housing Authority how to make feta and quinoa stuffed tomatoes. Check out the recipe here! Prep Time: 15 minutes Cook Time: 15-20 minutes Yield: Makes 8-16 servings Ingredients: 8 large… Read More

Outreach Spotlight: Cold Noodle Salad at Trinity Walk

With cooking class participants at Trinity Walk, we tried a new way to enjoy raw, crisp summer vegetables in a cold, noodle salad. We cooked the noodles the night before and refrigerated them over night. In class, we prepped… Read More

Outreach Spotlight: Asparagus Salad with DHA Adults

Once a month, we work with the Wylde Center to host cooking classes for a class of seniors and two classes of adults living at the Decatur Housing Authority. This month, we made a shaved asparagus ribbon salad, dressed… Read More

Outreach Spotlight: Strawberries and Granola at Trinity Walk

Families living in Trinity Walk learned another way to enjoy locally-grown strawberries – with homemade granola! Special thanks to Cooking Matters for hosting the six-week class series around cooking techniques and recipes for families. 

Outreach Spotlight: Mini Quiche with DHA Seniors

For our March cooking class with the seniors at the Decatur Housing Authority, Chef Liz led participants in making mini quiches with seasonal produce. The recipe is nutritious, easy to freeze and store, and adaptable to any season…. Read More


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